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By cihancemaloglu
Jun 29, 2009
  1. Hello everyone. I have Toshiba Qosmio X300-14Y. I have installed vista 64-bit on it and installed only the drivers I needed. I've also installed the 64-bit bios which I've downloaded from the toshiba website, for my laptop. Now everything works fine except one thing. This laptop is a gamers laptop (you might say a gamer should not prefer a laptop but the things worked this way), and as you know, when you use a scoping rifle you might feel to use left shift -> steady rifle + A -> going left + Q->leaning left. The problem is, when I use this combination, the key "A" doesn't work. I tried the same combination in notepad and it doesn't work neither. The weird thing is, if I use the right shift+A+Q -> it works, left shift+E+D -> it works. To summarise, only this combination doesn't work, if I change a key, it works. As I said it's not caused by the game because I tried it in notepad; when I pres left shift+E+D -> it types first capital E then capital D, but when I press left shift+Q+A -> it only types capital Q. But the situation is different with right shift, it types what it is supposed to type. I'ld be glad if you help. Thank You
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    Try attaching an external keyboard and see if the same thing happens
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