Lego's new 3-in-1 DeLorean Time Machine is a must for Back to the Future fans

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In a nutshell: Lego will soon launch an updated version of the iconic DeLorean "Time Machine" from the Back to the Future trilogy. It's far more complex than Lego's Time Machine from 2013, featuring a three-in-one design that can transform into any variant of the Time Machine with a little work.

The 1,872-piece set comes with everything needed to build the Time Machine from either the first, second or third movie. Each build requires elements from the full set, so you won't be able to have more than one complete car at any given time.

Lego went all out with the set, recreating memorable details from the films including wheels that fold down for flight mode, printed dashboard dates, a box of plutonium, proper gull-wing doors and a light-up flux capacitor.

There are even swappable license plates, a banana and tin can to power Mr. Fusion, and a mini replica of Marty's hoverboard.

This isn't Lego's first Time Machine, but it is by far the most polished. A 401-piece set released in 2013 looks like a child's toy compared to this new version, but it was also far more affordable at just $34.99.

If Back to the Future isn't your jam, fret not as Lego has plenty of other geeky goodies to choose from. The Lego Nintendo Entertainment System is still on my wish list but at $229.99, it'll probably remain there alongside the $249.99 house from Home Alone. Lego's Sonic the Hedgehog – Green Hill Zone, however, is far more affordable at just $69.99.

The Lego Back to the Future Time Machine set arrives on April 1 priced at $169.99.

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The whole point of LEGO is not to build a model out of a predesigned kit. That's Megablocks...

The whole point of LEGO is to take pieces you have and build the model you want, the way you want to build it based on your skill level.

For example: why must my DeLorean be small? I could make it larger if I have the pieces.

I could add a motor to it to make it drive. I actually did that before by combining Lego Technic sets with regular Lego sets.


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$170 for 1 ****ing lego model? Ridiculous. ITS PLASTIC... the most overabundant material on planet earth.
It's meant to tap the market that is probably too old for LEGO, but nevertheless nostalgic and too impatient or clumsy for scale models. 😉


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It's meant to tap the market that is probably too old for LEGO, but nevertheless nostalgic and too impatient or clumsy for scale models. 😉
I'm too old for Lego I guess, but I have built a few. Kind of another mildly guilty pleasure.
A few years ago I was badly injured in an accident and one of the ways I passed the time was to build a 7,600 piece Millennium Falcon with the lighting kit.
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I dunno... I am a fan of Back to the Future but I definitely don't feel like I MUST have this thing. :laughing: