Lenovo sees huge increase in PC sales as rest of industry declines

Dave LeClair

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While the rest of the PC industry may be hurting, Lenovo has found a way to turn in record sales results during its fiscal year ending March 31. During that time frame, the company managed to capture $34 billion in...

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So basically the OEM that has always been about quality and durability is kicking *** while those who come out with the same old crap are dying out? Shocking I tell ya!!
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It's very true, I personally got by for years for gaming on buying off the counter PC's and replacing them every couple of years. But OEM companies don't even put out anything of value, going cheaper and cheaper. I would be interested (if it's possible to track) the home built pc's My last 2 systems my wife's, and the 4 I've helped my family built. Maybe I'm an abnormality but I'm curious to see if the numbers.
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