Lexmark X73 Scanning and Copying problem

By Rodriguez
Feb 27, 2005
  1. Hello I have a little problem with my Lexmark printer, I am trying to scan or copy but these functions do not work. The printer is working fine. After checking all settings I decided to uninstalled the printer and re install it but I still have the same problem when I go to scan or copy, a Lexmark X73 USB window comes up saying "Scanner could not be enabled" when I click ok then another window from the Lexmark Scan and Copy Control Program pops up saying "Scanning was canceled by user or terminated abnormally. I have a HP Computer with windows XP.........Please Help Me..........
  2. fproctor

    fproctor TS Rookie


    I have a friend who has a Lexmark X73 printer/scanner/copier and she has the same problem as Rodriguez when trying to scan or copy. Was wondering if Rodriguez ever got his working? If so, what did he do? I would love to help my friend with her problem.
  3. Rodriguez

    Rodriguez TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I finally got it working!!! After uninstalling it and reinstalling it like a hundred times I got a friend to have a look at it ...I'm not sure what he did (I think he installed new drivers and maybe used the clean utility...not sure!) but he couldn't get it to work (and he was suppose to know about computers!).... after leaving it for a couple of weeks I did this... (which was basically some advice I actually found on here!) I un installed it and then used the Lexmark Clean Utility (which you can find on their website) and then to make sure all Lexmark refereces where gone I did a spybot and a norton antivirus check (this last bit was my idea, as i wasn't sure how to do it any other way!) if anything with Lexmark came up I deleted...then i reinstalled it and WUALA!!! it was working!!! It actually took me a few months from when I posted the threat to get it working and I was ready to chuck it in .... I hope the above helps... I don't know much about computers but I felt quite proud to have got it working! Good Luck!!! your friend will need it with a Lexmark!!!
  4. fproctor

    fproctor TS Rookie

    Thanks for responding to my forum post. I will try this as soon as I
    get a chance to work on it again. I was about ready to toss the
    thing out the door!
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