Lexmark Z65 Printer will NOT install as "local" printer

By chevyo
Feb 6, 2005
  1. After eceiving an error message in a Hallmark Card program, I restarted my computer (windows 98 se). Then my printer would not print. I uninstalled the printer and have attempted numerous times to re-install the printer software, even though I check "local" printer, it goes into "configure network printer" and the only way it WILL install is as a network printer. I am not connected to any network and never have been as this is my home computer. Of course it will not let me print...I get a cannot comunicate with printer message. The printer installs and works fine on another computer I have. Any help would be appreciated, Lexmark hasn't been able to help. I'm getting a new printer, but I'm afraid it's going to do the same thing. I even tried re-installing Windows 98, I haven't gone so far as to format and start over..I hope this is a last option.
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