LG TV leak gives a glimpse of a resurrected webOS


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It has been a long time since LG Electronics purchased webOS from HP with a goal of re-purposing the software for use in smart TVs. Today well-known leaker @evleaks posted an image of an upcoming LG-made smart TV powered by...

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Jad Chaar

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Wow now that is a TV. Well done LG. Their SmartTV interface couldn't compete with Samsung's but this could change that.


Don't really care. Won't buy LG again after my $1800 TV broke; as a result of normal use, right after the 1 year warranty ran out. They make substandard products.


Good move. I purchased a discounted (discontinued) HP Touchpad for $99 and found WebOS to be a very nice tablet OS. Clean and easy to use, much more unobtrusive than Android, and totally free of the increasingly unwanted over-integration of Google's spying, I mean services.

Good user community support that enabled me to quickly root the Touchpad.

I hope this leads to a viable alternate OS for hand-held devices - or perhaps more LG devices with WebOS smarts.