LG's new Xboom speaker offers 360 degrees of audio and mood lighting


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In brief: LG is increasing its portfolio of wireless speakers with the release of the new Xboom 360 RP4. Featuring omnidirectional audio and mood lighting suitable for inside or outside use, this 120W speaker has a carrying handle that lets you transport it anywhere you go.

The aesthetics of the new Xboom speaker reminds us of a modern garden light, sans the speaker grilles, featuring a conical-cylindrical design and an elegant carrying handle befitting of a contemporary environment. This design, paired with "LG's patented technology," allows the Xboom 360 RP4 speaker to emanate "perfect sounding audio" in a 360º spectrum, bringing "the beats right to your ears wherever you are."

LG's latest wireless speaker has a 1.0-inch tweeter with a titanium diaphragm and a 5.25-inch durable glass fiber woofer that together can provide a maximum output of 120W. The tweeter and woofer also feature a distortion-free reflector that LG claims prevents audio from distorting.

The built-in mood lighting includes three presets for different occasions: ambient, nature, and party. You may also customize lighting and sound effects to your liking through the companion app available for Android and iOS. One of the sound effects included in the app is the DJ effect, which allows you to mix samples, scratch, and more, adding your touch to any music.

With a single five-hour charge, the Xboom 360 RP4 speaker offers 10 hours of continuous use. Moreover, the speaker supports wireless party link to connect two LGs speakers in tandem, multipoint connectivity to link multiple devices to the speaker and additional connectivity ports, including a 3.5mm aux port and two USB 2.0 ports.

Available in burgundy, beige, black, or green, you can acquire an Xboom 360 RP4 speaker for $399.99 through LG's website.

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