LinkedIn tops 300 million members, highlights the importance of mobile

By Shawn Knight
Apr 18, 2014
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  1. Social network / recruiting service LinkedIn on Friday announced they've achieved a big milestone in surpassing 300 million members. Unsurprisingly, a large portion of the site's growth has come from mobile - a demographic that is expected to account for...

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  2. SNGX1275

    SNGX1275 TS Forces Special Posts: 10,545   +427

    And still nobody knows what to do with it...

    Seriously, almost everyone my age or older (I'm 33) has an account, I'm not sure I've talked to anyone that does anything with it except accept other people's invitations (ok, maybe for stalking if they don't have a fb account :)).
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  3. at0mic_Mike

    at0mic_Mike TS Member Posts: 30

    If they would add the "delete account" option it would drop to a few thousand users.
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  4. Capaill

    Capaill TS Evangelist Posts: 588   +274

    It's little more than a glorified spam mail generator. It's usefulness in getting a new job is debatable in that I haven't heard of anyone getting a new job through it. I try to avoid using it or adding personal data to it as I find LinkedIn to be too aggressive in getting new subscribers and I simply don't trust them.

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