Linksys wireless pci adapter threw my whole system off

By woodsrevenge
Jan 3, 2009
  1. I have Windows xp and have had no problems til after I installed my linksys pci network adapter.. worked fine for a while, lent the computer to my brother and now it wouldnt even turn on..I took the pci adapter off of the computer got windows to start up. I however now cant uninstall the driver for the pci so that I could reinstall it. I got the internet to work with an ethernet cable and then put the pci adapter back in and had it working for 2 days and then the computer shut down and wouldnt start back up til i took it back off. now i cant connect even through the wired connection. I had to use system recovery and cant figure out how to make anything work now.. where do i start?
  2. JebediahTBone

    JebediahTBone TS Rookie

    What steps are you taking to uninstall it? What exactly are you experiencing? What do you expect to experience? If you're getting an error, quote it. Do not summarize. Do not give your understanding of it.

    Use another computer to download the latest drivers for your NICs. Copy them to your computer. Go to Device Manager, find the hardware listed, right-click it, and choose to uninstall them. Reboot your computer. When asked to install the drivers for the newly detected hardware, point the computer to your newly copied drivers. Retest your Internet connection.
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