Linksys WRT54GV7 problem

By nismo91
Jun 13, 2008
  1. Hi all.
    i have a small problem here regarding a new piece of Linksys WRT54GV7.

    so here how it goes:

    this tuesday i went to buy a piece of Linksys WRT54GV7 from a computer shop.
    the purpose is very simple, to multiply my single-port broadband modem connection into wireless and wired.

    basically i know how to setup that device. in fact a have one WRT54GV1 before and i've ever setup one WRT54GC under same condition... This time, its weird. when i plug the linksys into the broadband modem (of course i change the linksys IP first so that both does not use there's no internet in wired/wireless connection. even frequently i cannot access the broadband modem IP itself from the linksys. im sure ive plugged in the correct line for correct slot though. surprisingly, the no-internet wireless connection from one desktop featuring SMC Wireless G Dongle likes to disconnect occasionally, although the WRT54G is just right in front of the desktop. just bypassing a thin wall with glass windows.

    today i went back to the shop and sent it back. they replace it with the new one and i try it again back home. same, no luck it still the same, but the disconnect issue no longer exists i suppose. even worse i cannot access my broadband modem page from the linksys WRT54GV7

    i hope you understand what i write above, and sorry for my terrible english.

    the problem i would like to highlight is:

    i want to know why the internet connection cannot get through the WRT54G, im quite sure maybe i have some incorrect settings in linksys page. but i tried resetting to factory defaults without luck. the guy in shop told me i should not use DHCP in the internet settings but i tried that and it gives me same result. anyway the connection here is PPPoE. should i set the internet username and password there too??? my WRT54GV1 does not do this...

    i know there's lot of difference between V1 and V7. but i'll appreciate it if someone could share some light. im a n00b in networking especially wireless networking.

  2. Tmagic650

    Tmagic650 TS Ambassador Posts: 17,244   +234

    Yes, you are using broadband DSL connection. Under PPPoE you must enter a user name and password. Your ISP's name might have to be entered too
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