Linux making inroads.

By olefarte
Jul 3, 2003
  1. Looks like Linux might be getting a big push to the forefront. According to this, at The Inquirer, HP is going to start selling desktops preloaded with Linux. There's a link at the bottom of the page to HP. I wonder if other big manufacturers will follow the lead.
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    Certainly, if you compare what was around about even 2 years ago to the sweetness that Red Hat 9 (especially with Ximian Desktop 2) can be - how nice to look at and how potentially bloody easy to use - its a wonder its not even more popular right now....

    Hmm... well, maybe not. Linux needs to be marketted better. Its known as a Geek's toy and not as something that can be a cheap desktop alternative. And it is becoming a very good, cheap alternative to Windows.... But its still not there yet....

    But it is just nearly there. I think by Red Hat 10, we will have something that will make Microsoft more than a little nervous.

    I think that the whole GNU thing will have a go at toppling Microsoft but whether or not that will happen or they will get flattened remains to be seen.

    This time is about maybe 1 to 2 years away, I think.

    One of best things GNU could do is try to embrace 64-bit as much as possible and give lots of 64-bit things away for nothing, which is likely what they are going to do. That and try to increase GNU's public image, let people know about it, and let them know that its a free OS alternative to Windows, but that it will run Windows software. There's still plenty of work to be done in these areas.
  3. Phantasm66

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    That's kind of the heart of the problem. When some normal, mortal user goes to a shop and buys a copy of Microsoft Office 2003, that they can go home and install it on Linux and it will work. Or that the latest game runs on it.

    Ordinary users have enough problems with computers without subjecting them to the added complication of having to ensure OS platform compatibility for things. They have grown used to taking things home and plugging them in and seeing them work first time. They will demand the same of Linux as well.

    Once it has that - then I think it can at least give Windows XP a run for its money. Maybe it might not win, but GNU will be able to say that they tried.
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