Liquids for liquid cooling

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Aug 15, 2005
  1. What liquid is best to run through a liquid cooling system? I have a Thermaltake Aquarius Pro III that I use to cool my 3GHz LGA775 P4 CPU. It registers 25-30c when idle, and 45-50c underload. I know that these are acceptable temps, but I want to go even lower. So what liquid is best for a liquid cooling system?
  2. SOcRatEs

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    XP+ HERE
    I've heard it's the right stuff.
  3. zephead

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    distilled water is a safe bet.
  4. Secondgunman

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    WHAT! .... well...

    What!45 -50 under load on a water cooled! My AMD 3500 runs that temp and I am air cooled! Well distilled water is what I would use but if you realy want to take a risk I know of some people that use Rad fuluid but you will have to check to see what your tubes are made out of as the coolent may damage some tubes that are used in the systems and others maybe fine bet parts in the pumps may die so do your homework on that option as you could kill your system if you don't.

    There are coollents made for made for water cooled systems that are alittle better then just distilled water but I could not tell you what ones to buy, I will ask a bud of mine he is the water cool kid in my flock of computer buds, Let me talk to him and I will post it as soon as I can. ( It may take some time as my mother was killed in a boating misshap and thinks are all topsy -turvy at this time, it may take a week or so to get back to you here as I have some things I need to do and he has been taking it hard aswell).
  5. SOcRatEs

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    Holy !?&*

    Hey dude! You gonna be OK?
    That really sucks!
    I do not doubt things are top down.
    I'm very sorry to hear this.
    Let me know if i can do anything?!
    Dude, hang in there....
  6. Mictlantecuhtli

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    Go ahead and try to find a liquid with better heat capacity than water and what doesn't cost arm and leg.

    Hint: Ammonia is one, but you probably don't want to smell it all the time.

    Liquids and Fluids - Specific Heat Capacities

    The liquid should also be non-corrosive and preferably non-conductive.
  7. morpheus

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    Im sorry for your loss secondgunman, I don't what I'd if I lost my mother.

    In regards to the 45-50, I took another look at my temperature (it didn't look right rereading), and it's looks closer to the lower 40's/upper 30's under load. Yes I know. A stupid mistake to make. But I posted that at 1:30 AM, so I wasn't thinking straight.

    Anyways, I think I might use distilled water with some coolant additives (anti-freeze, etc.) as a coolant.
  8. zephead

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    unless you plan on getting the water below freezing temps, you do not need to add anything. you should also realize that distilled water is not conductive. but when you add antifreeze or any other solvents to it water will become very conductive. distilled water is safe, cheap, and does the best job. like Mictlantecuhtli and myself previously said, water is what you need. sure, other alternatives are out there, but they are costly ones at that.
  9. SOcRatEs

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    As a cooling fluid, Fluid XP+ is a (not) reasonable, but costly ($50/32 ounces, $100/gallon), alternative to water.
    I think once I get into new cooling, $1.00usd looks better than $100.00usd per
    gallon........ puke:
  10. Secondgunman

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    I am doing alittle better now...

    I am doing alittle better now and can ask my bud what is prime for water cooling. Things are still crazy but I am learning to deal with it all so I am getting my groove back.
  11. SOcRatEs

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    Welcome Home!

    I hope things settle soon for you and family!

    I finally went liquid & I'm running the fluid that came
    with my thermaltake Big water se.

    For a prescott core my temps are very stable: 38°c idle 46°c load.
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