lite on 1693s problem

By kwasd83
Jul 31, 2005
  1. hello everyone, first time post.i have a problem with my new dvd burner liteon 1693s. i have a abit vt6x4 motherboard with the lattest bios update, a powerleap add on celeron 1.4 mhz cpu, 80 and a 40gb 7200rpm hdrives, 512mb memory creative lab sound card wind xp pro.when i start my computer up , on my boot up screen i tell me it is a 1.4 mhz and also in my control panal 1.4mhz and also direct x program 1.4.but when i go into nero info tool under hardware it tells me that i have a pent3 375mhz cpu only. this is under the min requirerment needed to run this dvd burner. i tryed to burn cd-r and dvdr but they both freeze up on me and have to hit the reboot button.i havr updated the firmware on the dvd to the newest one but still the kids are playing games on this computer that need over 1 mhz cpu to run them and all the games run fine.the burner runs ok becauce i installed it in a diff computer with no problem. also in info tool under aspi no adapter installed, what is aspi and do i need this to make this dvd run in this computer. how do i tell the burner that it is a 1.4cpu snd not a 375. please help anyone??? thanks
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