LOCERROR trying to open my BF2 account

By k.jacko
Oct 30, 2007
  1. Hi all,

    i picked up BF2 again after last playing it in july. At first it came up with a LOCERROR and couldn't find my account. So i hit 'retrieve my account' and got it sorted. I played it online and all was fine.
    The following day i created a new BF2 account for each of my kids whilst logged in to their own xp pro user account (limited) on the same pc.
    When i went back to my admin user account i got the LOCERROR again, so again i retreived my account and had to change all my settings. Upon exiting the game and restarting it, again it came up with LOCERROR and once again i retreived the account, but all the settings had defaulted back again.
    Now, i'm sure you all know what a ball ache it is to configure your keys for BF2. There's no way i'm doing that everytime i wanna play.

    Does anyone have any idea whats going on? and why its not retaining my account configs? Once retrieved if i go into BFHQ it correctly shows my username and stats (i have all unlocks). If i go into 'Account Management' it doesn't show any account
    Yet if i log into one of the kids windows accounts and boot up BF2 it finds their newly created account without problem.

    Help please, i don't know what to do short of reinstalling. Please, no suggestions of creating a new account, i've had this game since day one, and have built up to where i am ever since then with all weapon unlocks. I aint starting from scratch again.

    Having said that, all advice is welcomed and appreciated.
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