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Hi Chaps,

Have reformatted an Evesham pc running Windows 98se after a series of problems, but have one problem outstanding. The cordless keyboard and mouse are Logitech Itouch and Mouseman respectively, but have no drivers. I have a drivers disk for everything else and have loaded these successfully, but I guess the Logitech devices were an add on at some stage and the drivers disk has gone missing . The problem is getting them to recognise anything. I have loaded down drivers onto my desktop that I think are correct from the Logitech website and executed the file which then puts the drivers in place, but everytime I try to point the "USB Receiver device" in Device Manager at a file path or to try and reinstall drivers, I am continually asked to either load a Logitech Control devices driver disk or Windows 98 disk. Whatever I load it cannot find different Sys files. The only way I can do anything is to have another mouse plugged into the usual mouse port. The cordless mouse and keyboard are plugged into the USB ports. I have tried turning pc off and plugging in and then turning on pc, but I just get mouse not detected until I plug in the corded mouse and reboot again. Is there a separate driver for the Receiver device? I am sure there must be a simple solution, but at the moment I feel like a man with no arms. :dead:


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logitech cordless keyboard and mouse

Have found a driver to get the mouse working, but the keyboard now has partial functionality. I don't think it is an issue with Win98 and I don't have WinXP to load anyway. The keyboard and mouse were working fine before I formatted - it just looks like a driver issue. I have identified the keyboard on the Logitech website - it is a Cordless iTouch and there appears to be definitely one driver that should work with this keyboard (it222en - from the Logitech website with a nice picture of the keyboard), but all I get working are the top shortcut keys, quick access to Internet, Outlook etc. - the main querty keyboard does nothing. Every driver site I look at points to this particular driver. I have tried some other drivers like it215en, but just get same thing. On some forums I have read there does appear to be problems with Logitech drivers and also that they won't uninstall in add/remove programs, which makes things worse if I try to install an older driver as I get the message that a later version is installed and advises me to keep that one - no choice just press OK. Can anyone help, perhaps having a problem with Logitech drivers yourself. Don't know what else to do - even if I reformat to get rid of the old iTouch software crap, I am back where I started. Feel like I have been doing this for weeks.

Uninstalling Drivers

I've not had the same issue as you, but I do have issues with Logitech Setpoint and Hotkeys on my keyboard. The board/mouse package worked great for about 6 months, and then the mouse cursor started floating all hair-e-care-e over the screen. The only thing that fixed it was disconnecting the USB cord (i have XP Home on a laptop), used the mouse pad to manually delete the drivers under computer/properties/hardware/device manager. I manually selected them and deleted them, and rebooted. I then shut down again, plugged in the USB device, and that seemed to fix it. However, now the Setpoint icon will not run in the system tray, and I have to manually start setpoint on each boot. I'm trying to get around's nice to have hotkeys...
Have you tried disabeling all logitech stuff by running an msconfig and looking in startup?

-I'll check back later after I discuss this issue more with a really good tech friend...


Just to clarify...
~pc shut off completely
~unplug USB mouse/board line
~right click "My Computer"/Properties/Hardware/Device Manager
~Delete all Logitech drivers present
(in both "Mice" and "Keyboards")
~30 second cool down optional?
~start up
~plug in USB mouse/board line

Prior to all of this, it's not a bad idea to go to Start/Run and type "msconfig" without the quotes.

Click the "Startup" tab
Deselect all the crap running in the backgroud if not done already, exit out and start from cold...

There is definitely a connection between the Logitech software that can be used to configure the keys on my board, to the crazy mouse behavior (floating and "ghosting"...really glitchy).
Once all Logitech software was removed, and the above suggestions were carried out, I've had no problems. As soon as I tried to run Setpoint, all hell broke loose.

If nothing else, anyone with this similar problem can get it resolved.
BTW I'm using a Logitech corless Click! mouse/board package. Don't know/can't find a "name" for the board, but this info is on the backside of it...
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Logitech cordless keyboard and mouse

Hi Zen_Toast, thanks for the replies. Yes that is about the size of it to go back to the beginning and start again with the pc turned off. I reformatted again to get rid of the old driver entry in Add/Remove programs listing that would not delete and followed the usual procedure with Usb connections of turning off, plugging in receiver device and then turning on to let the system detect the receiver. I was convinced I had the correct drivers, so once the pc had detected the receiver I just ran the executable files and everything worked, so I guess it was just an issue of getting the right drivers from the beginning. The fact that the previously loaded stuff won't delete is a real pain though and something Logitech should look into as it seems from what I have read, to be a not uncommon problem.


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Logitech drivers are unstable and bad-mannered!

I have a Logitech DiNovo Media keyboard (seperate keyboard and numeric pad/remote control with a mouse which sits on its own USB hub. I've had two different Logitech keyboards before. I also, incidentally, have a Logitech Communicate STX webcam.

I've never known a vendor who floods your hard with files like Logitech, with annoying, unnecessary add-ons which all want to load at startup and, if you disable them, keep on coming back to prompt you. The number of registry entries related to just a mouse keyboad and webcam are absurd. I don't like this compoany. It's arrogant NB Has too high opinion of the importance of its products. Incidentally, it's documentation is appalling and its website utterly confusing.

Apart from ATI no other vendor has generated so many error messages on my system.

However, be fair, the hardware I like!
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