Logitech G unveils new speakers and keyboard with Lightsync LED tech


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Logitech’s G brand is responsible for a number of impressive gaming peripherals, including its Pro mechanical gaming keyboard. Now, it’s adding two more products to its roster: the G560 Gaming Speakers and the G513 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, both of which feature its Lightsync RGB lighting tech.

The G560 is the first set of speakers to come from Logitech’s gaming division. The $200, 2.1 system is capable of delivering 240 Watts of peak and 120 watts of RMS power. They also come with DTS:X Ultra 1.0 3D audio support for simulating surround sound, a down-firing subwoofer to go with the two satellite speakers, and connectivity options that include Bluetooth, USB, and 3.5mm aux-in, allowing you to connect up to four devices at once.

But it’s the speakers’ LEDs that could be the most compelling feature. Much like Philips Ambilight technology, developers working with the Lightsync SDK can allow the speakers’ lights to match what’s happening within a game. That means explosions, damage, healing, approaching enemies, etc. can have their own patterns and colors that light up a room. Logitech said supported games at launch include Total War: Warhammer II, Dota 2, Final Fantasy XIV, Fortnite, Grand Theft Auto V, and more. In Fortnite, for example, players caught in “the storm” will find all the lights turn purple.

For titles lacking native support, owners can use Logitech’s gaming software to choose an area of their monitor and assign it to any of the speakers’ four lighting zones. Using the feature means that when you’re playing a game, the G560’s lights will respond to what’s on the screen. The LEDs can also synchronize with music and movies.

Lightsync tech will also appear in Logitech’s new $150 G513 mechanical keyboard, which the company says has switches that respond 25 percent faster than its competitors, and an improved palm rest made from a more comfortable material. Buyers can chose between the Romer-G Tactile and the Romer-G Linear keyboard switches.

Both the G560 speakers and the G513 keyboard will be available this April.

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As a gamer, I would find that all really annoying. Sure, lighting is fine, but I wouldn't want it blinking all over the place as I'm playing...that would simply be distracting.


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I never got this whole ambiance color lighting crap. Doesn't Samsung do this with some of their TV's?

Anyway, if I wan't to be fully immersed in a game I'll play a VR game. Oh wait, EA doesn't give a crap about VR, so I have no interest in their games. Grrr...

Seriously wish EA would invest into a VR version of the BF games, and keep online VR BF games separate. Although after playing some shooters like Onward in VR I'm absolutely confident it is superior to keyboard/mouse for CQB, but beyond 20 meters or so the steadiness of a mouse will win I think. Scope sway and shakiness become a real factor in VR FPS games when fighting at distance, not something a kb/mouse user has to worry about in a non-VR shooter.


I guess when you have nothing else to contribute, there is always RGB or these lights


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Its more baffling to me that the keyboard doesn't have dedicated media keys and volume control.
The lighting effects don't seem half bad.


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I love ambient light, if I didn't already have monitor with this feature, I would be interested in buying this.


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They better watch out. Philips will come after them for this.

This does nothing for image fidelity except add bling. What would improve image fidelity is uniform D6500 back-lighting at about 15% of full brightness. However, the marketing on this surely sells products to the uninformed even though it does nothing for image fidelity.