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Jun 16, 2010
  1. So i was looking into the lojack for laptops program. Anyone have an encounter with recovering a laptop through this or any other way? I got this when i baught my latest dell studio and i think that it was a great investment!

    heres a link in case you dont know what im talking about: absolute.com/en/lojackforlaptops/home.aspx
  2. raybay

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    Just another kind of insurance deal, isn't it?
  3. marshallwv

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    No it is actually a piece of software that you install on your system that works in the background and in the bios that someone would never know is on the system until you actually call the lojack company and then in most cases they will be able to track down the system and if they dont they will give oyu money to buy a new one. So it is way beyond the ordinary insurance system. I believe that if you spend money on a laptop then you should have this installed on your system because you will always want to get that piece of mind, knowing that you wont have to spend a bunch more on another new laptop.
  4. raybay

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    Can I assume that it only works if you are on a high speed connection, in the USA , or is it world wide... We would find great use for it, here along the Arizona, New Mexico, and California borders if it works on a wide variety of systems.
    We could probably put it on the laptop of every person, young or old, receiving scholarship payments that include hardware.
  5. raybay

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  6. marshallwv

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    great article

    I think that is a good article! I know from experience i believe that the locjack would be the best choice rather than some of the other softwares because of the support network that you get from Lojack. I think some of these other software programs prettymuch leave you out there on your own.....
  7. handlebizz

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    lojack for laptops sucks

    i paid $60 for the Premium lojack for laptops. My subscription ran out recently. My laptop got stolen this weekend and they are closed on weekends. After being transferred to a 3rd party insurance company that is not lojack and waiting a half an hour on hold(literally), they told me that they could not help me because the subscription wore off recently and there was nothing else they could do. BEWARE!!!! Suggestion, there are permanent theft recovery software out there that does not wear off, and they have customer service that will help you. THIS COMPANY WILL NOT. I bought it from BEST BUY.....BEWARE BUYING LOJACK FOR LAPTOPS!!!!!!
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