Looking for a good Asus laptop docking station

By alienuser09
Jan 1, 2012
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  1. As I can't seem to find a docking station made specifically for my new Asus N53S laptop, I am looking for recommendations on a universal docking station (with video output). There are several choices out there, but they all seem to get mixed reviews for performance or installation. Can anyone suggest a particular make/model that works well. Any Asus owners out there with a universal docking station that does the job? Any info and/or recommendations would be welcome!
  2. Eigfrost

    Eigfrost TS Rookie Posts: 21

    The Kensington universal notebook docking station is compatible with Asus, and all major brands in fact, I'd check that out...

    There's a review of an admittedly slightly older version (from 2009) here, but it wins a best buy award and gets a very good write-up.

    Certainly well worth considering. Hope that helps somewhat...
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  3. alienuser09

    alienuser09 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 20

    Thanks for the info Eigfrost. I'll be looking into the Kensington stations. Also considering the Toshiba Dynadock as a possibility. Will post a review of sorts once I've settled and tried one out.
  4. Kris Eastman

    Kris Eastman TS Rookie

    Are you referring to a particular model? The K33926US does not have very good reviews.

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