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By Nero7
Oct 29, 2015
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  1. I hope this is the right category to put this. Frankly there wasn't one where this would totally fit in.

    I want something to replace my Acer W500. I got Windows 10 running on it but its just not powerful enough anymore. For example web browser with youtube is impossible. The CPU and RAM are at 100% and the performance goes all slow and stuttering.

    So I look for a Tablet with the following:

    Windows 10 compatible

    More than 36GB HDD or SSD for the C drive. 50GB would be nice

    A micro SD slot

    HDMI preferably not the micro one but a true HDMI



    3GB of RAM

    CPU a dual core with 2.0 GHz, a quad core with less than 2.0 GHz is not acceptable.

    The graphical performance is gonna be adequate anyway for what I'm using it.

    A price not above 500$ Second hand would be acceptable.

    A keyboard that can be attached to it. Preferably one with USB too for USB sticks.

    Oh and please don't even try it with the whole android or apple alternatives.

    thx in advance.
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    I found a benchmark of its GPU from you https://www.techspot.com/news/60938-intel-braswell-celeron-n3050-pentium-n3700.html#commentsOffset

    There's something bugging me a lot with yours and everyones iGPU benchmarks. Why on earth do you do gaming benchmarks with new AAA games that need at least a GTX580 to provide any decent experience?

    This is incredibly stupid in my opinion since no one plays Battlefield 4 with such a low cost iGPU. Instead we play older or less hungry games such as:

    C&C Tiberium Wars and other 3D or 2D ones
    Heroes of the Storm MOBA
    Cities Skylines

    Turn based games.
    Emulators for MAME or Consoles like the SNES or GBA or Dreamcast

    Plenty of games that come out on GoG.

    I have a GTX770 Phantom 4GB and even that one is on the edge with Metro Last Light. Why you and others try that game with a iGPU is beyond me. So it achieved 10 fps on a low resolution with medium settings... what is that supposed to tell me???

    Metro Last Light is a catastrophic game performance whise anyway and its PhysX is broken. I love the game but it is really really performance hungry.

    Makes me wonder why you don't use Crysis to then laugh about its 1fps on low. My GTX550ti from back in the day couldn't even play that game.
  4. Nero7

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    Changed link to the correct one.

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