Looking for Norton Ghost Alternative

By lyam77
Apr 4, 2007
  1. Hello everyone,
    I just changed job where I work in IT.It is a smaller companie where they have setup their computer from scratch instead of using an imaging software with all the configs saved on it like Norton Ghost.I have been using Norton Ghost, but my boss find it too expensive.So I am looking for a free alternative to Norton Ghost.
    I need a software that will work with Windows XP and NTFS.
    I have been testing DriveImage XML.The major problem so far is that i have to make it on a very small partition so that it works on all our computers.I can't make an image the size of 40Gb and then install it on a 10Gb hard-drive.When I re-install my image on a hard-drive it sees the hard-drive has a 10gb.
    The other problem that I have is if I use DriveImage XML, I need a partitioning tool (free) to merge my partition so i can use the whole hard-drive.I have been using Partition Logic 0.66, but it does not merge partition.I can move, resize etc.....

    Any suggestion?
  2. Nodsu

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    Why do you have to merge partitions?

    If the imaging prog leaves a partition smaller than the disk, then you can use any partition resizing utility to resize the partition to fill the whole drive.
  3. Disturbed88

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    i have a problem similar to lyam77 i recently upgraded my hdd from a 20gb ide to a 200gb SATA and i need a program to copy everything over.i was intending to use norton ghost but it wont let me copy my hdd until i buy the full version.i tried finding a torrent because i only need to use it once or twice so if anyone knows a program that i could use and let me know that would be greatly appriciated.

  4. lyam77

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    Ghost alternative

    Hi there,
    it's been a while since my last post.Here is the update.I am now using DriveImage XML as imaging device.I will post the site a bit later for the procedure.It works great and it is free! :eek:)
    You install it as a plugin in Windows Bart's PE.
    You should find everything there.

    Good day! :eek:)

    Here are the links;


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