Looking for remote desktop app that can use g15 macro keys

By Hawkeyed
Jan 9, 2009
  1. Hi

    As the title says I'm looking for a remote desktop app that can use g15 macro keys, if that is at all possible?

    I have a docking station at work for my work laptop. A g11 is connected to it and it works very well, the programmable keys too, which I use to start programs and open often used folders.

    When I work at home I use windows remote desktop to use my monitor, keyboard, mouse and so on without having to switch all the cables and also to still have easy access to my own computer.

    The problem is that the programmable keys don’t get carried over in the remote desktop.

    What I know (or at least think I know)
    G11 is pretty much a G15 without the lcd. They use the same software. The software catches the press of any of the "g" keys and executes whatever you "program" it to do.

    Is it possible to get windows remote desktop to work with the programmable keys?

    If not, is there another remote desktop app that will do the job?

    Thank you very much

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