Looking to buy a flat screen monitor and use it as my pc/tv/dvd etc

By A_DOG73
Aug 1, 2005
  1. Well right now I have just a regular tv. I want to buy a flat screen tv that is also a computer monitor. I have a tv tuner card in my pc and I want to hook up my pc to a new flat screen so I can use my computer, watch tv, and dvd movies on the same flat screen. I haven't done my research yet on it but I was curious if anyone already has the same setup or similar. Does anyone have any suggestions on a monitor/flat screen tv? I pretty much want to be in my livingroom with a wireless keyboard and mouse surfing the web on one half of the screen and watching tv on the other half. I know its possible I just thought that somebody might give me some suggestions first before I do my extensive search. Thanks.
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