loud and DISTORTED audio

By boaby
Nov 15, 2005
  1. Hi, im having a frustating problem with audio when playing certain video on a new pc i've built. Specifically, the problem whenever it occurs, is that the audio is EXTREMELY loud and distorted and makes watching the relevant vid pointless; but as i said its with certain vids only. (Music files are fine).

    To clarify:
    - A video file saved on the harddrive with a proper file extension (mpg, avi, mov, wmv) will play fine using any media player.
    - A video file saved on the harddrive with a non-standard-video file extension (eg iso) played in VLC will sound distorted.
    - Any type of streaming video from the net (such as the vids on ebaums) will sound distorted.

    So, ive tried a number of things to sort this out with no joy. I simply thought it was a codec issue and proceeded to download k-lite codec pack, wmv9 codecs from MS, sherlock, ffdshow, etc, and tried installing/updating/removing with all of these to no avail. Now, Im unsure whether its a codec issue but im pretty certain its software related.

    Just to note my OS is WinXP Pro sp2 and any time i try to remedy this problem its from a fresh acronis image saved prior to any codecs or anything being installed.

    If anybody has any tips/advice on how i can troubleshoot this it would be MUCH appreciated.
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