Low cost Telecoms billing, mediation & QoS analysis software

By dynasoft
Jun 23, 2010
  1. Perform all your telecoms QoS analysis, billing, mediation and reconciliation tasks for only GBP999

    Pay only a single price for a lifetime use with no limitations whatsoever!

    * Dynasoft Telefactura v4.50 is the definitive telecoms billing solution for voice and data service providers such as telecoms and callshop carriers, distributors and any company needing a full-featured solution to effortlessly bill, manage and control the access of their voice and data customers. TeleFactura offers universal compatibility with any text or database CDRs. Cost of the full package is only GBP999. We also offer payment plans, hosted and outsourced service options to mitigate the cost of the investment. Get more information and special offers about our convergent Telecoms BSS OSS voice, data, voip billing, account reconciliation, mediation and call accounting software with QoS analysis, here: dynasoft.net/telefactura_telecoms_billing/


    * We are the makers of the leading cyber and games cafe software: Dynasoft Cybercafe SurfShop Pro and Free. Get more information about our Internet and cyber cafe timer and monitoring software, here: dynasoft.net/cybercafe_surfshop_software/

    * We also offer call termination and rock-bottom rates for callshops (€/min): France @ only 0.01, USA @ 0.009, UK @ 0.01, Morocco @ 0.13. Get more information about our callshop and business voip, carrier pre-select, and carrier select services, here: dynasoft.net/telecoms_services/

    We already service over one hundred carriers worldwide. We offer full pre and post sales training and support on all our products and services. Distributors sought worldwide.

    Dynasoft Ltd
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    Is this an authorized advertisement?
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