Low level format and second drive problems

By brightond
Jan 2, 2005
  1. I've been encountering several problems with a large 2nd hard drive that I am trying to use as a slave for extra storage. I would like to eventually run a different OS on this drive and use it for my multimedia purposes while still keeping the C drive for internet and home office.
    The problem is this...the drive is recognized as D: when it is hooked up as slave (jumper settings correct on both) and I try to format it from within XP it says that only 31GB are available. The drive is a 160GB Maxtor drive and I just formatted and partitioned it with maxblast 3 to have 2 80GB partitions. The drive has had several OS installations in the past and has encountered errors when copying files to it. I thought a low level format might do the trick but can not seem to get that to work.
    I removed the primary drive (the one im using now) and set the 160GB drive up as master. I used the maxtor low level utility (MAXLLF) or at least tried to. I downlaoded it to a floppy and extracted the application on the floppy disk. I tried using the floppy at start-up but nothing happens except for the computer just restarting itself again and again. I tried setting up the drive as slave and booting the computer with the floppy disk but can't get it to run. What am I doing wrong? Could someone please explain the way to low level format or why the drive is only seen as 31GB's in XP? Thanks, James
  2. Nodsu

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    What were you trying to format the drive as?
    You cannot format FAT32 partitions bigger than 32GB in Windows XP.
  3. brightond

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    ARe you sure? Right now I have an 80GB hard drive that is FAT32 and using XP home. How would that be possible then? James
  4. Nodsu

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