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  1. Hello,

    My gaming laptop, yesterday (or two days ago), started having lower FPS rates. When I check FPS rates it is at 300, then drops to 200 in open areas, sometimes to 150, and occasionally it drops to 70 or 80 for a few seconds. When the drops happen I can see that something is wrong.

    Before my games ran smoothly now you can feel that something is unnatural about them even though the games still run. I had an FPS issue before where my game was running at only 30 FPS through out and I solved it by realizing that my ac-adapter was set to minimum power usage. Now it is a different issue and I have no idea what is causing it. I went to Dell website and downloaded latest update for my graphics card but still no progress.

    An error report from my computer gave me the following today. I cannot help but wonder that perhaps this is the issue behind the problem.

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