lsass.exe - System Error

Nov 18, 2005
  1. Recently I recovered my system from "ntldr is missing" but was unable to access Desktop & My Documents so I used Administrator account in "Safe Mode" to take the ownership of all files and folders but after restart I get the following error message:

    "lsass.exe - System Error

    When trying to update the password, this return status indicates that the
    value provided as the current password is not correct"

    I tried using my XP CD's recovery console but it says "administrator password incorrect" although I never set a password + I've used recovery console half an hour ago to "copy missing ntldr" and it worked fine without password?

    Now, is this some kind of virus/worm or really system error? Is there a way to repair my system without having to lose everything?

    I really need some expert help...

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