M11X HDMI Resolution wrong

By British_Command
May 25, 2010
  1. I connected my Alienware m11x via HDMI to my Sony Bravia 32'' (not latest series), anyway I cannot select it's native solution I can only pick 1280x720 and then 1920x1080. The text also appears to be blue and black where it should be just black, it just generally looks 'fuzzy' the image on my TV. May just be a poor TV but I'm not sure.

  2. Arris

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    The Bravia might only support 720p/i (1280x720) and 1080p/i(1920x1080) over HDMI connection. Also the wide screen ratio of the m11x's screen and the tv might be different so you can't guarentee that you'll be able to run the same resolution without black bands at the sides or top/bottom, or using rescaling on the TV to make the picture fit the screen. I've never connected my PC via an HDMI output to my Sony Bravia but used to have it over DVI adaptor to HDMI and don't remember it being fuzzy or blue/black where it should be just black.

    When you go into display settings does it list your actual TV model or at least something like "Sony TV" or just "Generic Television" for the 2nd display? You could try "detect displays" as this should allow for configuration of the output to match the specific capabilities of your TV if it is correctly detected.

    If I get time I'll try connecting laptop or desktop up over HDMI this evening and see if I have any problems. Only issue is that I only have ATI cards at the moment so if the m11x has a problem it could be Nvidia related.
  3. British_Command

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    Thanks man, If I watch a video or play a game over it, it's great, display is fine. Just text randomly appears to alternate between blue and black, I was concerned about the resolution options but that was down to my lack of knowledge on HD resolution.

    The TV does get picked up as a SONY TV, don't worry about it though, it was just the resolutions, I thought you'd get the same selection of resolutions via a VGA connection and a HDMI connection.

    Thanks again!
  4. Arris

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    You're welcome. I'm a bit concerned about the text colours fluctuating. I would think it would be the TV rather than the signal from the PC.

    Found this post and thought it might be of use.
    Also have a read about the scaling of the image. It might be that the image is being scaled to fit the TVs panel by the graphics card. That post suggests allowing the TV to do any scaling needed and turning off such scaling options in the cards drivers.
    My Bravia has an option to display "Full Pixel" which is a 1 to 1 pixel mapping which should then fill the entire screen with no scaling being done. Can maybe check if you have a similar setting.
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