Major TV manufacturers are manipulating Energy Star ratings, testing reveals

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Independent testing commissioned by the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) suggests that some major television manufacturers may be intentionally manipulating their sets to obtain a favorable energy consumption rating.

The NRDC points to flaws in the testing methods used to determine a TV’s energy use that are allegedly being exploited by LG, Samsung and Vizio – a group that represents half of the US market – which could collectively cost owners an additional $1.2 billion on their utility bills and create an additional five million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

Out of the box, everyone appears to be playing by the rules but as you’ve likely experienced, default picture settings aren’t always ideal. With just a few clicks of the remote (adjusting some settings to improve image quality), energy use can climb by more than 100 percent. This extra energy isn’t accounted for during required energy testing, the NRDC says.

Manufacturers aren’t entirely to blame, either. The study notes that Department of Energy (DOE) testing methods contain much shorter scenes and more frequent cuts between them that content typically viewed in the real-world like dramas, news shows and sports.

What’s more, testing found that 4K televisions used as much as 50 percent more energy when playing high dynamic range (HDR) content and that energy-saving features were automatically disabled during HDR content playback.

The NRDC said it shared the results with LG, Samsung and Vizio and none of them disputed the accuracy of the results. The DOE and the Environmental Protection Agency are also aware of the issues and are said to be updating their policies accordingly.

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Ha! Was waiting for this story to finally break.

Those little yellow EPA stickers located on the corner of sets, like the ones that state $30 USD
a year have always been a complete joke.

Updating policies. LoL.
Sorry ... everyone knows you can't update stupid.
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Well, one day people will just be a bit more educated about energy consumption.... hopefully... and all products will simply give their REAL energy consumption figures...

A sticker that says "energy efficient" has always been misleading... kind of like the sticker that says "organic" on your food....


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Well, all this fails to take into account the reality that modern LED sets have a much lower maximum power consumption, than comparable fluorescent back lights, and certainly much, much less' than plasma sets.

All this goes to prove is that individuals can no longer be held accountable for their own ignorance, greed, and stupidity.

The wattage rating given to appliances takes into account maximum sustained draw, and "inrush (startup) current".. This is outside of the "little yellow sticker", to which people seem to bob their heads, pretending to know what's going on.

So, if you feel you're "entitled" to a 90" TV with the brightness turned all the way up, then just pay your inflated electric bill and shut up about it. And while you're at it, sh!t-can the nonsense about how, "they're robbing me blind".

People have somehow managed to turn the Consumer Protection Agency, into "babysitters for hire", answering to every mindless whimper of the great unwashed masses.

If you're too stupid to figure out that a TV with the brightness pegged on 11, uses more power than one with the brill halfway up, buy one of these:
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Are they expecting people to learn that a tv set at maximum brightness uses more power than one at a lower setting? good luck with that. people these days don't know how anything works. electricity/internet bandwidth and other things flow from the earth free of charge. if it doesn't it's probably trump's fault.


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Hmmm, sounds like Volkswagen. How is this news? Whenever something like this exists, there are those companies out there that will do their best to circumlocute about it.