Make my laptop louder and better sounding?

Try this...

I always recommend the Bongiovi Acoustics DPS audio enhancer software when you find laptop speakers lacking. It makes the sound much louder without distortion and the clarity is better too.
Yes, connect speakers to it. n Your going to get a Toy sound no matter what software enhancer you use. gl

Hi I play Karaoke songs for family fun and do this through a Laptop and LCD Tv.
I am able to extend my laptop windows desktop to display onto a LCD Tv. However, when I try to use the same Laptop to display through a projector, only monitor 1 of the Laptop works and monitor 2 in inactive. The problem is for sure not the projector settings as my friend's Laptop works through the same projector, and my Laptop works fine through the LCD Tv. What can I do to extend my Latop display through to the Projector as my I cannot keep borrowing my friend's Laptop to display the karaoke song/video's through the projector?
@audiodork - SRS is good, DFX Audio enhancer also works prettty decent.
I have also had a look at SoundPimp, which was recommended to me, especially since it is not supposed to just increase the volume, but actually improve the quality. But on my Vista 32 and 64 bit systems I could not get it to work properly. Maybe on XP or Windows 7... still have to try that.
This guy also had a look at both DFX and SRS.