making a computer which are the best parts

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Jan 18, 2006
  1. :bounce: :bounce: so far i am thinking of getting
    Abit Fatal1tly AA8XE motherboard
    I am going to put 2 gig ddr2 pc5400 ram
    250 gig hard drive (16 mb) and another maybe 300gb

    I need your expertise in getting the best video card (i was thinkin All In Wonder X800XL PCIE, because TV/FM i like, but if u got suttin else on mind let me know), along with the best case (ATX with seethrough window)

    Thanks alot :bounce: :haha: :haha:
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    the best video cards are the XT1800 series by ATI and the GeForce 7800 series by NVidia, though these two are not all in wonder statused....they're mostly used for gaming
  4. H@v0c

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    a good chasis with see through side window,u should check chasis from these manufactures

    Lian Li

    they are one of the best pc case manufactures around,in coolermaster chasis the buyer has the choice of selecting transparent window or not.u should check around their website for a chasis which suits your taste and need :)
  5. akinlxl

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    wow !! so many helpful people..thanks alot

    thanks alot.....
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