Making my rig colder?

By Mathieu T. ยท 4 replies
Oct 17, 2014
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  1. Hi, could you help me make my computer as cold as possible, as it's overclocking friendly, and I plan to keep it for a while. Budget isn't that limited, maybe 150-200$ Newegg/NCIX (Canada) direct links welcome.

    My current case: My current heat sink:

    Hopefully I didn't invested in a bad case? Are the Rosewill fans that came with the case good enough, or should I replace them? (I want to have the maximum number, namely 10)

    Other specs: ASUS Rampage IV Extreme
    Intel i7 4930 G.Skill 16GB DDR3 2x Gigabyte GTX 980 4GB 750W Rosewill PSU
  2. B00kWyrm

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    You present several areas of question...
    I would suspect that you will want to replace the Rosewill fans with quality fans.
    I would choose to do this after they begin failing.
    Others will disagree with me, some perhaps strongly.
    Here is a discussion of case fans and bearing types.
    Here is another on "which are best".
    As far as best options for overclocking...
    IF you are comfortable with case-modding,
    then it is possible to use CORSAIR Hydro Series H100i Extreme Performance.
    This will give you liquid cooling for your cpu.
    HOWEVER, you will need to heavily modify the top of your case.
    There are at least two approaches illustrated on youtube,
    one using snips, and the other using a pneumatic saw/grinding tool.
    There may be more.
    If you wish to do a push pull configuration, (recommended by some here),
    that will take a little more modding,
    and possibly replacing the Corsair fans with slimline.
    If you intend to add additional graphics,
    then you may want to consider further cooling options...
    This page links to discussions of Air Cooling as well as Water Cooling.

    This gives a starting point for more discussion,
    and others I expect will weigh in with their experience.
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  3. xLegendary

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    What are your temperatures at the moment? Do you feel the air vents from your case hot?
  4. Been In My Box

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    the h100i is a big plus. heres a link to it the one that that link hoes to is the H60..

    OP: try to do the case modding if your comfortable with it. You'll be happy with the H100i and safe. Also if you buy from newegg I believe they have discount or money back rebate . Look on their website don't go through ebay.
  5. harry8227

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    Look up "peltier device" I think that's how its spelled, it is a small about oh 1.5" square device that when you apply 12 volts to it, one side becomes very very cold, the other gets very very hot. Laughingly you could call it a temperature splitter because in essence that is what it appears to do although in physics its a little more complicated, LOL. Put the cold side on your CPU and fire it up. Now her is on caveat, it take a good deal of current to run although it does run on 12 volts and you can get them on eBay. You want one with a lot of cooling capability which means lots of current so you may want to run it via a 5 amp wall wart if your cpu power supply doesn't have the extra power for it but it will do the job nicely. If you use one of these, the hot side will need the heat sink or you need a way of shutting down if its gets to hot because it can destroy the device. It really has to get hot though, they use these in portable refrigerators and soup heaters. It works on CPU well but read up on them if you use them, they are a really neat device.
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