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Apr 12, 2015
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  1. I read in a article that there is malware that can change your p2p save share folder and put personal files in thay folder for the entire network of limewire to view. Is this correct? Woildnt only the hacker get access to your personal files? Why would he want to change the share folder so Everyone could have them. Just trying to see if this article is legit or not?
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    Can you link the article you read please? So that others can see what you are reading.
  3. It wouldn't let me copy the link but I got to copy some of the article. It was describing how personal files become on the p2p network. Here it is below.

    "•The user inadvertenly allows the P2P program to share drives, files, or folders that contain sensitive information;
    • a virus or malware changes the drives or folders designated for P2P sharing to enable drives or folders containing sensitive information to be accessible for sharing via the P2P program; or
    • the P2P program has security flaws that permit hackers to attack the computer, or other networks, to which the computer is connected enabling the hackers to access sensitive information."
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    I found the article.

    In addition, security problems within the P2P program could open the door to attacks from hackers. Some malware is designed to change which folders you have designated for sharing, so criminals can access your personal information."
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    That website is from a US government agency and that particular site is designed to help explain the risks of using any kind of P2P file sharing software. It is stating truths. Any time someone uses P2P software, they increase the risk of acquiring malicious software on the computer they are using. "Hackers" can modify files in such a way that when you download said files, and do not take extra precautions, you could be opening up access for the "Hackers" to your computer. "Hackers" open up communications to your computer (and any and all files) so that not only they can access and modify, but other "Hackers" (or if it is done correctly - anyone using the same P2P) can also. You increase those odds if you are downloading Pirated (illegal / anything you have not paid for) files, such as movies / music / software / e-books / etc. If you are using P2P software, I would suggest making sure that you scan everything you download with both an Anti-virus AND Anti-malware program. There are plenty of very good, and free, Anti-virus and Anti-malware programs out there if you need help with choosing the right one. You should also make sure that you have very good Firewall software installed to help reduce the risk of "Hackers" gaining access.
  6. So they may change your save folder to add personal files. Would only the hackers get access to your computer or the whole entire limewire network? I have talked to a computer tech who works on malware and he never seen anything that modifies your limewire settings?
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    Malware: short for malicious software, is any software used to disrupt computer operation, gather sensitive information, or gain access to private computer systems.

    If you install malware on your computer (either by accident or on purpose) you run the chance of having ANYTHING happen to your computer. All it takes is a "Hacker" that has good enough code writing skills to write a script, imbed it into a file that you download (you thinking it is something legitimate), and you install said program or file. Once that is done, the script that was written can stop your security program from working correctly, and give the "Hacker" access into your computer. Once the "Hacker" has access into your computer, he (or she) can do whatever it is that they want. They could change all of your settings for every program you have installed, could install new programs without you knowing, and much more. So to answer your question, Yes a "Hacker" could change your Limewire Settings. I would suggest that if you are worried about someone gaining access into your system, then you need to either make sure you have good Firewall / Antivirus / Anti-malware software or stop using P2P software.

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