Malware Spyware - its one of these

By Frenchie
May 25, 2008
  1. Using a Compaq nx 9020 Laptop with Windows XP- with Nortons Internet security.

    I have used Adware which keeps finding loads of nasties and quarantines them, but doesn't stop them coming. Next step was to get Spydoctor, which seemed to find even more and again fixed but didn't stop the thingsfrom invading when connected to the net. Realised stuff was in the Registry, so got Regcure - found 1350 faults/errors and "fixed" them. The computer by this time has speeded up considerably. However, there is one pop up telling me the computer has a serious virus and I need to download their program to sort it out.Now this is whether I am on the net or my connection is switched off. It pos up every time I click on a file in windows explorer
    (When on the net and this pop-up appears, it is often accompanied by others of similiar vane.) _ My very short haircut is the only thing that has stopped pulling my hair out- Is there anyone out there that can help -------------please?
  2. raybay

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    The pop up is usually fraud by a seller.
    But Spyware Doctor 5.5 or Adaware 2007 should have been able to remove it.
  3. Bobbye

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    "I have used Adware">> there are dozens of 'adware' rogue programs.
    The legitimate program who's name they trade on is AdAware.

    But this is 'not' what you said you used and therefore, if it's rogue, it will find excess 'bad' entries and want you to buy a program to remove them. Most of the rogue programs, in addition to false positives, drop advertisements on the system.

    "Next step was to get Spydoctor," This is a rogue spyware/adware program.

    "pop up telling me the computer has a serious virus and I need to download their program to sort it out" Trying to get you to get yet another rogue program!

    The removals by RegCure can't be considered correct. You need to get some legit, recommended programs on your system to see what you really have. When giving the names of these programs, one must be exact as there are many 'impersonators' that trade on the name of a legit programs.

    For Spybot S&D:

    Spyware Blaster:

    Spyware Doctor:

    AdAware 2008:
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