Malware that is slowing down firefox (followed 8 steps)

By Moomoomoo
Jan 10, 2009
  1. After my computer was infected with something bad (mostly Vundo) I was able to remove all of it I could... However, Firefox still seems to be much slower than it was before I had this (IE is working the same as normal). So I followed the 8-step thing...

    1. My antivirus (nod32) isn't detecting anything
    2. I ran CCleaner 3 times
    3. Disabled the antivirus
    4. Malwarebytes detected nothing
    5. SuperAntiSpyware detected a few things, but that didn't seem to fix the problem
    6. I updated Java
    7. I ran HJT
    8. And now for the logs...

    Thanks for the help

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  2. Moomoomoo

    Moomoomoo TS Rookie Topic Starter

    come on, can't anyone help me :(
  3. Moomoomoo

    Moomoomoo TS Rookie Topic Starter

    bump... hopefully bumping is not prohibited...
  4. zionsden

    zionsden TS Rookie

    sounds like your problem is identical to what is happening to my system. FF is constantly spiking my cpu to 100%. Did you ever find a fix?
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