Mandrake - hd problem ??

By mke
Feb 14, 2006
  1. Hi there,

    i recentrly changed my drive to my mandrake system, after i noticed that the drive made a wierd glits/blip type of spin down noise (altough didnt spin done, something like finding a bamp on the road and continuing driving like. the computer after that sound the hd made usually froze. so i thought time to change my old 20gb maxtor disk (about 5-6 years old).
    to my comfort i had another 1000% working and tested 60gb disk which i used straight away. One thing though that i have to mention is that the old 20gb disk before i chucked it in the garbage, i tested it and found it to have a 4kb bad sectors if i remember correcly on about its 20%. dumm enough or just plain lazy i wanted all the configurations that i had on this disk and os so i needed to clone the disk as it was. so i cloned the 20gb to the 60gb altough the 40gb where left at the end empty.
    THe system afterwards booted up nicely and worked flawlesly. a month passed and now i am hearing again that squicky/glits/bumpy noise thing which is irritating as basically then the system freezes and i need to restart again hoping that it will not glits/squick again.
    is there any chance that the bad sector was copied to that disk ?? i now thats a silly question but is it? i mean the disk was like new, and it cant be that the system eats up a disk a month. Firstly its unhealthy and secondly not cheap, thirdly aint fun, fourthly time consuming., fifthly irritating......
    Basically my question is if there is a tool on mandrake that i can use without restarting (as this system also works as a gateway/firewall.)to test and fix my disk. something similar found on windos, like scandisk/chkdsk, altrough more powerfull. i really cant reinstall everything from start again on this system, it will take me over a weak and havent got any time.
    anyways, thats it. hope that someone has a solution to this.

    ps: the mobo/psu/ddr are like new and all tested, so i wouldnt think that these caused the problem in start.
  2. mke

    mke TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 90

    hello again, i used testdisk to analyze my disk and i get this result. any ideas on how to fix this error please let me know.

    TestDisk 5.2, Data Recovery Utility, March 2004
    Christophe GRENIER <>

    Disk /dev/hda - CHS 65536 16 63 - 32256 MB
    Check current partition structure

    1 * Linux 0 1 1 13562 12 63 13671252
    Bad ending head
    2 E extended 13562 13 1 116327 12 63 103587120
    Bad ending head
  3. DragonMaster

    DragonMaster TS Rookie Posts: 327

    BIOS? Some corrupt data.

    Check if your power connector has no problems. My WD was starting/stopping/starting with one of my PSU connectors.

    If your HDD is still under warranty, apply for an RMA. If not and it's a Maxtor, buy something else next time! (I have 3 dead Quantums and a dead Maxtor -- I suppose that Maxtors have a quite similar design to Quantums since Maxtor got Quantum HDDs, leaving them making backup tape drives)
  4. Nodsu

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    Nothing wrong with the TestDisk output. It is just telling you that the Linux partition endpoint is in a weird location. This is normal since you copied the thing from a drive with a different geometry. You can fix it with some partitioning utlity like fdisk or parted.

    You should use drive manufacturer's utility to test the drive. Also, you definitely need to run fsck on the Linux filesystems - the bad sector on the old drive might have damaged them.

    Since the new drive is acting up too, try replacing the IDE cable and/or running the drive on the secondary IDE controller (you have to change some Linux system files for that to work).
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