Manually uninstalled Norton SystmeWorks on laptop. wireless network no longer right

By buehrig_great
Jan 9, 2005
  1. Network is desktop (xp sp2)w/linksys router (befw11s4)wired to lan card.
    Laptop (333 pII, 256 ram, 4.3 gig,xp sp2) using PMCIA wireless adapter (wpc11). two other laptops also wireless continue to work fine.

    Not peer-to-peer, but client/slave? xp firewalls disabled. Network WEP enabled. encryption info is correct. network name is correct. Other laptops on network continue to work correctly (internet/file sharing/printing). I had no problem setting up the network a year ago, but am a bit perplexed here.

    everything working great until I manually uninstalled Ststemworks 2003 ( :knock: yes I made registry changes/no I didn't back it up/yes, I know that was extremely dumb--for what it's worth, the last two 'puters caused me know problems...:blush: ) Now laptop lists the network, says signal strength is good, but never connects. It says is is searching for IP address.

    wireless card works in other laptop, so is not card. Have tried the linksys configuration utility for card w/no results. Have spoken w/linksys both phone "help" (spoke english but didn't appear to understand it), and through live chat. Both say it is software based problem.

    Was successful (not sure how) in setting laptop up w/static address, but it said it was connecting through a proxy, and was slower than a two-legged turtle. Other laptops on network no longer worked when I did this, so I undid it.

    In searching for answers here, I have noted others being asked if they can "ping". What is, and how do I do it? What does ping or no ping tell me?

    I assume I "Uninstalled" something I shouldn't have when taking out norton. If I reload xp on the drive, will I lose all files/programs already there?

    Hopefully I have given enough info that somebody has some ideas?

    I am much more mechanically inclined the computer inclined; but after I do it wrong a time or two, I usually figure it out. Any help I can understand is greatly appreciated. If I don't understand, I'll try to ask better questions.

    Thanks in advance for your help.
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