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manufacturing mode? no bios loading? help

By thechainsawman
Mar 20, 2006
  1. i just soldered on a bios password chip successfully, but when i now power up the laptop there is about a 20 second (havent counted it) time where nothing happens just the lights turn on. i assume this is where the computer is searching for the bios and then after that the cpu fan starts, the dell bios loading screen comes up with nothing loaded and it quickley switches to manufacturing mode and tells me to get it out of manufacturing mode, press Fn-X when i do this nothing happens. then it goes to the administrative password screen and i just push enter and it works i guess that is what the chip was supposed to do? after this it switches back to manufacturing mode and then goes to windows. windows runs fine except the mobo speaker makes noise whenever i push a key.

    i try and get this

    ERROR: Cannot Change the Asset/Serice Tag.
    Please ensure the SETUP password is disabled.

    i have no idea where to go from here. help would greatly be appreciated.
  2. Mato Grosso

    Mato Grosso TS Rookie


    You should repost this in the "dell admin password removal" thread.

    Some of the folks there are famular with this manuf mode.
  3. risck

    risck TS Rookie

    Manufacturing mode

    To set the service tag, you need the DELL-Tool svctag.exe. However it does not work on older systems like Inspiron 7500. If you mail me, I can send you the tool from the DELL Service-CD.

    As to the "noise", this is a feature you can disable in the bios-setup.

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