Mars rover sending data again

By Julio Franco ยท 4 replies
Jan 23, 2004
  1. After two days having trouble with transmissions, the Mars rover Spirit sent data Friday morning to its NASA flight team in a communications session lasting at least 20 minutes, the agency's Jet Propulsion Laboratory said.

    The Spirit rover stopped transmitting data from Mars on Wednesday, but mission controllers remained hopeful about reestablishing a connection, saying there were signs the craft was operating at a basic level.

    Read more: CNN.
  2. MaskedBurrito

    MaskedBurrito TS Rookie Posts: 42

    How weird was that?? Well at least it's fine.
  3. vassil3427

    vassil3427 TS Rookie Posts: 640

    This is gonna be sad, they say there is probably a hardware problem. They also say its possibly the onboard memory, so what do they do? write a new BIOS(that will ignore that will ignore those modules) type thing then flash it??lol...We're gonna have a $400 million dollar paperweight on mars, how funny is that.... For that we could have bought something new toilet seats(low chance of failure)

    They also say there's almost no chance of it operating as it origionally was supposed too...:p
  4. Strakian

    Strakian TS Rookie Posts: 136

    I think it's a scam! I think they're crying wolf when nothing was wrong to get people's attention again. We all remember the HL2 leak don't we? :D
  5. Mictlantecuhtli

    Mictlantecuhtli TS Evangelist Posts: 4,345   +11

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