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Jan 31, 2010
  1. hey guys i was wondering if anyone knew wtf is up with mass effect and the failed to compile global shader error?
  2. Relic

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    Hi Red :wave:

    You didn't really give a lot of information :( but so far from looking around a lot of people had this problem initially when the game came out for the PC. My first question is, did you play the game, did missions etc, then the error occurred when trying to start ME again at another time? Did you restart your PC and it fixed the issue? If this is the case I was seeing individuals with the same problems and reinstalling the latest version of DX fixed it for them.

    Now their were others too who had this issue but they couldn't even get the game to start up after installing. It turns out that there GPU didn't support shader model 3.0 which is required. They had 2.0 and most didn't meet the minimum to run the game. If this is your case make sure you can even run the game by going here:

    If you fail and can't run the game you'll have to upgrade. Now if you're running off a laptop you're kinda SOL. If it's just a GPU problem from your desktop PC we here can gladly give assistance on upgrades for you!

    You also can swing by the official ME & ME2 forums and post your problem there (be specific, they have good support).

    Hope this helps :D .
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    I find this gme is not as popular as Call Of Duty MW2.
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    :confused: Hi random post.
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    .....and furthermore, I find that sometimes 30lbs of pressure is not enough air pressure in my tires during the winter months.....hmmm.
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    To put it as mildly as i can ............ 'rather really ridiculous', to comment on something like that without knowing about it is ..... just is.
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    That reminds me I gotta fill my tires up next time I go out :eek: .
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    i like mine at a nice 35psi


    Anyways, Mass Effect 1 and 2 are built off of the Unreal engine so you might want to look for some information on that as well. If you have any other UE powered games (i.e. Batman AA, Bioshock, UT3 etc..) you could try those for similar symptoms but it sounds driver-based to me. Like Relic said go onto Bioware's forums and look at troubleshooting topics there. A lot of information is on that site. For what it's worth though, I found the sequel to Mass Effect a lot less buggy than the original game, but make sure it's updated along with your drivers. What video card are you using? Both games recommend 8800GT I believe...
  9. red1776

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    :haha::wave:....glad i could help, remember, safety first!
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