Massive GTA 6 leak with over 90 videos & screenshots posted online by the Uber hacker


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What just happened? What is allegedly a massive leak of GTA 6 content, including dozens of test build videos and screenshots, has been posted by the 18-year-old hacker claiming to be behind the recent Uber breach. Whether they are legitimate is still open to debate, but a lot of it matches up with previous rumors, and the dialogue and cutscenes seem convincingly Rockstar-like.

Update (9/19): Most of the leaked content has been removed from numerous online platforms following copyright takedown requests issued by Take-Two Interactive.

A zip file was posted to the GTAForums around five hours ago (at the time of writing) with the message, "Here are 90 footage/clips from GTA 6. Its possible I could leak more data soon, GTA 5 and 6 source code and assets, GTA 6 testing build."

One would usually expect a link such as this to lead to some scammy malware download, but no, it really is a slew of alleged clips from the in-development game.

The video above shows a player-controlled character called Luciaro robbing a diner alongside someone called Jason while a timer counts down to the cops' arrival. It looks a bit rough, with some placeholders, clipping, and missing textures, but it is a developer test build.

Previous rumors claim that GTA 6 will again feature multiple protagonists and be the first game in the series with a playable female character. We also heard it would take place across several cities, including Vice City; the V.C.P.D. on the police car in the video does suggest we'll be returning to the Miami-style location in GTA 6.

Some of the cutscenes also add authenticity to this leak. They feature what sounds like professional actors and the sort of dialogue one would instantly associate with a GTA game.

Another interesting element in all this is that the leaker, 'teapotuberhacker,' claims to be the same hacker responsible for the massive Uber breach that occurred a few days ago. An 18-year-old with the username 'teapots2022' accessed the ride-sharing giant's systems simply by tricking an employee into handing over their password via a text message.

The last official news we heard about GTA 6 was that Rockstar wants the game to set a benchmark for "the series, our industry, and for all entertainment." The company will reportedly take a more politically correct stance in the sixth main installment and not "punch down" by making fun of marginalized groups. GTA 6 might not arrive until 2024 or even 2025, so there's a long wait before we find out what's in store.

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Oh damn, it looks legit. Graphically it looks like the same game engine as the current GTA 5. Hopefully there's been some upgrades (like ray-traced global illumination).

Taken a very long time to make though considering how not finished that looks. Unless they've developed a completely new setting that's huge or something.


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When it comes out I hope PC gets it fast, unlike the GTAV where PC players have to wait 1.5years.


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"The company will reportedly take a more politically correct stance in the sixth main installment and not "punch down" by making fun of marginalized groups."

In a game where player kills countless cops, civilians and even military personnel?

Where hijacking plane is Uber cool, firing missiles from helicopter on road is a blast and drive-by are essential?

Where carjacking is part of commute, shooting is as frequent as breething, bombs etc are deemed funny?

But yeah, let's make sure we do the right thing politically. /s


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If this is accurate and the setting essentially has not changed it feels that all innovation and risk has been drained out of the series. It's such a huge series now and so expensive to make it's too easy to just rehash the concept at this point rather than take a risk and set it somewhere else.


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WTF, 20-25 fps on a 3080 this means 40-50 on a 4080. I know this is in beta stage but damn.
Leaving aside the fact that this is a development build, why does it upset you? If all new games ran at 150+ fps on top-end cards, you people would be complaining that studios are failing to take advantage of the latest hardware.

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Her butt is too big

User defined characters (ALL Characters) and speech content could fix the cheese butts and cheesy dialogue

Too bad that won't be allowed though

I could make millions in virtual cheddar selling custom dialogue scripts to virtual morons
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Looks interesting if this is indeed real GTA6 game play or at least some form of it. I heard that Rockstar is pulling things back though and going to be more relaxed a lot of things in the new game. Less of everything that may upset a select few in the world ok I'll say it Gen Z kiddies that complain about everything.

To me though this looks like it is set in the same space as GTA 5 so I have to wonder if this is just a very good set of mods to make the GTA 5 engine look better. I also have to ask why is her butt so big looks like she has bubble butt oh If this is real I do hope we can select our own custom toons like as before and not forced to play with bubble butt girl.


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Lol I didnt notice the butt first, I was looking at the text counters in video.
Yep, she got it alright. Reminds me of a rap video from the 90', Sir Mix-a-lot - Baby got back.


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And all this was taken by an 18yr old. Excited for this game. Everyone complaining about this game... y'all realize they are still building this game. This isn't even Beta like someone said. Not even Alpha, models are still not even designed. What's impressive is the amount of ray tracing the game has.


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You guys buried the lead. It looks like said hacker also claims to have the source code for GTA V - he just hasn't leaked it yet. What a legend.


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Nothing to do with politics but the company fearing their premiere IP will get embroiled in a social media backlash and boycott campaign at launch.

All about the money.

This is 100% accurate. No big business actually cares about politics, they pretend to, but really all they do is crunch the numbers and choose the side that they will lose less $$ with


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This is 100% accurate. No big business actually cares about politics, they pretend to, but really all they do is crunch the numbers and choose the side that they will lose less $$ with
You say that, yet time after time these woke moves to "protect muh minorities" inevitably result in boring slop that sells poorly and loses money. Just look at the abysmal sales of the new saints row: self owned.