Maxtor HDD firmware problem?

By tfawcett
Mar 18, 2006
  1. Hi all - just bought a second-hand PC, wanting to install a new OS from CD. Changed the boot order from '1st - HDD, 2nd - nothing, 3rd - nothing' to '1st - floppy, 2nd - CD/DVD, 3rd - HDD'. Popped in the CD, rebooted and left it to go - not noticing the floppy in the drive... turned out to be a boot floppy to flash the Maxtor firmware. I now have a PC that can't see the (only) HDD installed, although the BIOS seems to see it as a 'Maxtor SABRE' but won't boot from it. I've subsequently seen other support forums referring to problems with these disks and certain motherboards, the usual solution being to flash the disk firmware and / or motherboard BIOS, however I can't seem to find anything specific to my new setup (below). My questions are has anyone had a similar experience, how did you resolve it, where can I get updated firmware for the HDD (not the Maxtor website it seems), or just any help / guidance really...

    MB: Asus P4C800-E Bios ver 08.00.09 (1016) 23/02/04
    HDD: Maxtor Diamondmax 10 300GB SATA150 - current firmware BANC1BY0
    CPU: P4 3.0GHz
    Graphics: Raedon 9200
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