Mazda recalling 35,000 vehicles over faulty emergency brake system


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Mazda writes that incorrect programming of the Smart Braking System (SBS) control software may cause the vehicles to falsely detect an obstacle in front of the vehicle while driving. The problem exists in certain 2019 and 2020 Model Year Mazda3s (sedans and hatchbacks), and a recall has been issued for 35,390 affected vehicles in the US and US territories.

Mazda has filed a defect notification with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), though it’s yet to appear on the agency’s website. The company stressed that it is not aware of any injuries or deaths that were caused by the fault.

Mazda says an alarm will sound and a message is displayed in the instrument cluster and head-up display when the car is about to perform an emergency stop. While emergency braking can be disabled in the vehicle’s settings, Redditors write (via Engadget) that the system re-enables itself whenever the car is restarted.

According to Autoblog, some earlier vehicles will need the whole instrument cluster replaced or reprogrammed to address the issue, while later cars only need the Smart Braking System software reprogrammed with an improved version.

Owners of affected vehicles will be notified by mail by February 17 next year.

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My 2016 does the same bullcrap with "city braking". It will give you whiplash as it slams on the brakes for no apparent reason. My neck has hurt a couple times from it. In certain circumstances you would think it would have engaged, but it never does. So, it activates when it doesn't need to, and doesn't activate when it should. And yet people think cars should be driving themselves. LOL... Can't even get something so simple as braking figured out.

Leave all this bullcrap off cars and save us all a lot of money. If these companies feel they need to spend the money anyway, how about improving something already? Like maybe make the "infotaintment" consoles actually *work*, plus not proprietary. Can't even get these figured out and shoving these self-driving cars on us. LOL /facepalm
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I would demand the dealership remove the affected system entirely, but that's just me.. I'm not ok with the idea that the car can and will take on a mind of it's own.
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Did they hire the same company from India that made software for Boeing 737 MAX? You know, the B-737 versions known as "sir crashalot".


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And yet people think cars should be driving themselves. LOL... Can't even get something so simple as braking figured out.
I have a 2015 Nissan Qashqai (Rogue Sport in the US) and the city breaking system works flawlessly... of course they've had the things figured out, incl. the self-driving, it's just a simple case of not everyone doing it well.