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By politico31
Dec 19, 2003
  1. Boy, hope somebody out there can help me! First, I have no technical training at all, so be kind! I read quite a bit, I'm a "tinkerer", and I've built three PC's from scratch, but I have no background or education to help me with the following problem.

    My Grandson has about a three year old "Elite PC", Athlon 1.2 GHz, 256MB, 30Gig Hd, DVD, OS is 98SE. The PC had problems, so a friend of his ran an FDisk routine. Problem is he trashed all diskettes & CDs with needed drivers! I was able to reload 98SE, but I'm at a loss now to be able to find the right drivers for the on-board sound, NIC, DVD software & riser modem.

    Elite PC's sucks. I've sent them 3 emails & they have just ignored me and my problem. (info@elitepc.com)

    The Motherboard has absolutely no identifying brand I can find. Can someone refer me to a thread or article that can get me started tracking where these drivers might be? The modem is marked "FB PCTEL AMR", I spotted a chip that might be related to the NIC "PCNet HT2001 0114", dunno where to start to find the sound info, and the DVD player has no brand information at all...where can I find DVD software? The kid is broke (he's 14), so am I, so the two available PCI slots aren't much of an answer as we can't afford a PCI modem and/or sound card! I just really need the drivers, how to identify the drivers I need, and how to start....any of you knowledgeable folks out there help me? Thanks, and Happy Holidays!
  2. Tarkus

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    on the back of the PC there should be a model number of the PC, usually next to where the serial number is. With that you may be able to get drivers from their driver page here...


    if not get back to us with any and all relavent numbers from the back of the PC. We'll try and find you some sort of link that will help.

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  3. Shiney

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    Can you double check the mobo for info, check the bottom isa slot using a mirror for a sticker on the side. Look at the chips for any info.
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