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Dec 10, 2009
  1. I'm setting up my new lap top now and putting in my anti virus and anti spy/malware.

    I've installed Avira already. I installed MBAM but I'm wondering if this gives me real time protection as I browse the net. Or can it only detect already infected files through scans?

    I think i saw somewhere that you only get real-time protection if you register it? I could be wrong.

    I'm just trying to make sure I have a program that will prevent trojans etc from infecting while I use the net.

    Any input is appreciated.

  2. snowchick7669

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  3. thefranchise808

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    i is there a good free program that does offer real-time protection?
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  5. thefranchise808

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    Thanks guys,

    In your opinions then,
    is it safe enough to be normally running with just Avira in the background and running MBAM scans about once a week?

    My other computer was hit with a lot of trojans and malware so I just want to make sure with this lap top, I have eough precautions in place. Is it necessary to have a real-time malware protection? or is that just extra?

    I appreciate any thoughts
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    I say its just extra

    You can run 5 minute update Malwarebytes scans everyday if you wish (I tend to do this every couple of days)

    But there is a whole lot more to being safe on the Internet
    Windows Security Updates completed
    Stay away from P2P filesharing, especially on cr@cked programs so forth
    Try to stay away from p0rn sites and others like this
    Surf safely, ie go to known safe sites as reported by Internet Explorer
    Don't open unknown email attachments
    Keep your data backed up on external media
    Use a firewall (since Windows comes with one this is obvious)
    Actually this list can be huge.

    Just use common sense on the Internet
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