Media Center Extenders and HDMI

By Tim_is_here
Jun 2, 2007
  1. I want to get a Windows Media Center Computer and put it into my computer room, and send TV programming from it to my HDTV in my living room via a 100 Mbit Ethernet Connection to an extender there. This means that the video will not be sent via HDMI. Even if I wanted to use HDMI instead of ethernet, I could not do so because there is no HDMI cord that long. I've heard of wireless HDMI, but again the range is limited and so is not an option.

    My understanding of HDMI in general is that if you're watching a protected HD program, then you must use an HDMI connection between the tuner and the display, or else the video is downgraded (to 480p, I believe). So how in the world will it ever be possible to watch a protected program in HD via media center extenders?? Am I missing something here?

    Another similar question I have has to do with standalone Blu-Ray recorders. Eventually, when the prices come down, I'd like to get one of those babies. But, if the tuner(s) are in my media center PC, could I ever actually make a HD recording on the Blu-Ray recorder? If I'm not mistaken, recorders don't have HDMI inputs, only display devices do. So wouldn't that also mean that anything sent to the recorder would be downgraded to 480p, even if the the recorder was sitting right next to my PC? That would certainly kill the point of having a Blu-Ray recorder. I could get a recorder with a built-in tuner and bypass the media center pc, but of course in that case the whole point of the media center, i.e. centralizing media, is defeated. Making sense of all this sure is a hell of a lot harder than it should be, IMO. Any help would be much appreciated.
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