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Hello, whenever I open ipconfig in the command prompt, I get a message stating that I have my media disconnected. If I try to perform an operation, it tells me that nothing can be done while the media is disconnected. I am still able to access the Internet, and my wireless tells me that the connection is fine.

Is there any way to reconnect the media? I'm not even very sure as to what its actual function is, but it seems like it shouldn't be that way.

I am using Windows XP Media Center Edition (v2002) on a Dell Inspiron 6400 (Intel Centrino Duo), with Service Pack 3 installed. My router is a WGT624v3. I do have my wireless enabled via Fn+F2, and my connection is otherwise completely normal.

(Unrelated question: When I try to access my router to port forward, I get a prompt asking for a username and password; I do not recall setting either of these. Does anyone know what the default login details for my router are (Disregard, I found the answer through Google)? And does having my media disconnected affect whether I can port forward or not? I recall accessing my router and attempting it, but I was told the ports in question were already being forwarded to [despite the fact that I had just gotten the router].)


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Uninstalling/reinstalling the wireless card may help. Just something as simple as that has many times fixed my networking woes. :grinthumb
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