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Memory bus ?

By Arkumzz ยท 4 replies
Apr 23, 2013
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  1. Hi guys ! again :D this is the best website ever !
    I was wondering about the way we find out the memory bus of any video card/win 7
    my old one was 512/128 ,, now I got my new one which is 1G ,, but how wud I know the other number ? the memory bus I think
    Many thanks.
  2. stonarda

    stonarda TS Booster Posts: 143   +18

    Try Googling it!! :) I would...
  3. cliffordcooley

    cliffordcooley TS Guardian Fighter Posts: 9,408   +3,419

    Which card is it?

    You can easily lookup specs but you have to do it for each card.
  4. stonarda

    stonarda TS Booster Posts: 143   +18

    Before I can continu, do you know waht the older card was so I can see what the 512/128 refers to? Thanks!

    To do this, in Windows 7, open teh start menu and search for sytem. Then click on system information. Open up the components lsit, and clcik on 'Display' then report back teh name of the card. For example, mine says AMD radeon 7000 series for my 7950. :)
  5. Arkumzz

    Arkumzz TS Rookie Topic Starter

    stonarda ,,, the old one was Nvidia 7100 GS

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