Memory Loss?

By Misch868
Nov 2, 2007
  1. I just built a new system with a XFX nForce 680i LT mobo and 4GB of PNY DDR2 667MHz, but only 2.75 GB of memory shows up in Windows.

    I know some loss of memory is to be expected, but losing that much seems excessive. Is anything going wrong or am I just overreacting?
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  3. Misch868

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    Thanks for those articles. I read those and a couple others but I'm still unsure of a few things.

    Since only 2.75 GB of 4GB is shown, is that missing 1.25 GB just completely wasted? If so would it just be better for me to take out one of the 1GB sticks and have 3 GB?

    And the sole solution to my situation would be upgrading to a 64-bit OS?
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    the only way to make your 4gb's show up would be to install a 64 bit OS

    usually the most you can get out of a 32 bit OS is 3.2gb but that depends on other hardware and settings in your computer
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