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May 23, 2003
  1. Hey Guys. I have a question about memory that is probably very simple you most of you guys. Is ram interchangeable? Meaning, If I my pc is running pc 2700 and i have a pc 2100 stick laying around, would i be able to use the two together? If so, would the memory only run as fast as the 2100?

    Also, I have a rig with pc 133 and an old pc 100 stick. will they work together?
  2. Rick

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    Not exactly.

    Your system can only run as fast as your slowest RAM.

    So rather than your system running at 2700 with 2100/2700 memory, you should be running your system at 2100 with 2100/2700 memory.

    You will have to set the memory speed in your BIOS (BEFORE you install the new memory) at 133/266MHz (PC 2100) to accomodate the 2100 memory. Once you save your new BIOS settings, you may install the memory and see if it works.

    Not all memory works together, and not all memory works on every board. So if the memory does not work in conjunction with your 2700, it does not mean the RAM is bad.

    On many systems, the amount memory will make much more of a performance difference than 2700 vs 2100. If you have 256mb or less memory right now, I encourage you to "downgrade" to PC 2100 in favor of more memory.
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    Hmm... I didnt know that. Well whadd'ya know. That's some interesting information there Rick.

    Come to think of it that means in my other computer I have 320MB with a PC133 and a PC100, and I'm only getting 100mhz out of the PC133 chip.

    Oh well :p
  4. brainclock

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    thanks Rick, very helpful information
  5. Rick

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    Re: hmm

    You could still be getting 133MHz out of that chip if your FSB is set to 133MHz. You are just lucky enough to have a 100MHz module that overclock that much.

    The same goes for the PC 2100.. If it can stably achieve 2700 speeds, then you can run your bus at 2700. The problem here, is that not many 2100 memories will overclock to 2700 and be stable.

    If you can get away with running the memory at 2700, then more power to you. :) 2100 will be the safest thing to do though.
  6. JSR

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    you never want to mix ram

    it's cheap enough now to not f with it
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